Productive Days: New Title, New Routine, and A Better Story

The longer things don’t go the way you want, the better it feels when you finally get back on track. That’s the motto I live by and those are the words that apply to these past couple of weeks. I’m writing more than ever even though it seems like I’ve disappeared from the blogosphere.
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The Sweetest Revenge

“He who laughs last, laughs longest,” Jackson says. “I burned your house down for revenge, Michael. “Look who’s laughing now.”

“You’re going to prison,” Michael says. An officer handcuffs Jackson.

“I’m still enjoying the last laugh.”

The officer takes Jackson away and Michael laughs. “But you’re not laughing. I am.”


This fifty word story written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty. Can you challenge yourself to write a story in exactly fifty words? What did you get out of this story?




Kicking It To The Curb, Detective Donovan Style

Today I received an email from my critique partner that was so motivating, encouraging, and inspiring that I had to share some of it so other writers and readers can see for themselves. The words were a reminder that even during the most discouraging times, there’s probably a lot of people out there rooting for you to succeed.

Here is an excerpt from the email my critique partner sent me:
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The Writing Life–What Writing Life?

One of the biggest lessons I learned about writing is that it is not as lonely of a business as I thought. I’m not just talking about networking, workshopping, critiquing, and interacting with other writers. Writers are obligated to please their readers, or at least that’s how it seems. As a writer, my obligations towards my audience haunt me day and night. I worry about letting people down. Including myself.
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Long Live The King–An Evaluative Essay On Chess

Three minutes left to finish the game, he’s down a Knight and two pawns, and his opponent’s position is far superior. Yet somehow he thinks he has the courage and skill to beat his talented opponent. He takes a deep breath, advances his Queen across the board, and punches the clock. Tension is high because from this point on, victory depends on perfection. One wrong move and the game is over. It’s chess, and it happens to be one of the most fascinating games since the medieval days.
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For Every Good Story Begins With ‘What if’

7330119620_5624e8cb76_nYou’ve spent weeks or months planning to write a novel but something sticks out in your mind. There are so many what ifs about your story.  This is a good thing because these are questions you should be asking. They’re the kind of questions that help you take a simple, story idea and make it into something special.
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Why Writing Marathons Should Be On Your Schedule

Sometimes quantity is just as good, if not better than quality. If you’re not making much progress on your novel, would like to make more progress than you already are, or you’re just in the mood for a long day or night of writing, than the writing marathon may be perfect for you. In fact, there’s a few reasons why writers should pull marathons every once in a while.
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